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I’m a Owner/Operator of a Lift System

Business Meeting

I know that I am a small, but very experienced, Consultancy Practice but see this very much as a potential benefit to my potential Clients that themselves may not have large portfolios of lift systems.
Having chased, and secured, high end commercial multiple lift installation properties with dedicated Managing Agent representation in a previous life I also know that with SM-LCS Limited that whilst I’m still technically competent and experienced enough to be capable of accommodating this type of Client (if I meet their appointment criteria) I feel that my main opportunities may well lie outside of this sector.
My “vision” is to provide professional expert engineering based representation to the smaller property owners, either from the Commercial or Residential sectors, to assist them with any issues that they may have with their lift portfolios at a hopefully a more “affordable” fee.
The advice offered falls into the following categories:
•Concerns over lift system reliability and availability .
•Life Cycle Planning to maintain lift service to the property.
•Concerns over service delivery from current maintainer company.
•Management and oversight of  possible lift refurbishment/replacement works arising from findings achieved from above services.
I hope that my associated fixed fees for the above services will be found to be very competitive and without any VAT implication, as I am NOT seeking to gain VAT registration.
I hope that you like what I outline above and please take the opportunity to get in touch via the link below!

Services for Owner/Operators copy: Services
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