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I'm an existing Lift Consultancy Practice or Management Agent’s Lift Department

Business Meeting

I hope that many of you may know of me, given my many years in the Industry, and know that I have the necessary experience and integrity to potentially operate on a “freelance” basis to provide your practice with expert resource without incurring any long-term overhead commitment, which may be of interest to you as we all continue to recover following the impact on the Commercial Office sector.
If you have encountered my previous incarnation within O&M Lift Consultancy Services Limited you will know that we dealt with many high end commercial multiple lift installation properties with dedicated Managing Agent representation and my decision to close the company was not taken lightly and was as a direct consequence of my former Business Partner deciding to “move on” and pursue a new direction in his career. 
In relaunching on my own as SM-LCS Limited I have decided that I do not want to be direct competition to my “larger established rivals” and instead operate as a Single Consultant practice to service the smaller owner/operators of lift system.
However, it feels wrong to me to effectively waste years pf experience in the larger Commercial Sector and my hope would be that in recovering from the downturn due to COVID19 that you may from time to time find yourself in the position that you could benefit from having access to an additional “trained” resource but do not have the luxury of having sufficient instructed works to be in a position to add to your workforce and commit to an increase in overhead in taking on a permanent consultant position.
My “vision” is to offer my provide professional expert engineering based representation to address this resource on a project by project basis with NO long-term financial commitment to your practice. If of interest I would operate under the guise of “on behalf of your practice and present any reports in Word format on your headed stationery and obviously I would provide a “non-compete” agreement to “protect “ yourself from my directly approaching your Client.
I would envisage the main service I could offer would be to have me undertake Lift Condition Surveys / PMP Audits for you but obviously I am able to undertake more “demanding” project works if required.
I hope that we could agree mutually agreeable rates for my input, that fall within your declared fee to your Client , and as I do not intend to seek  VAT registration my fee would be exclusive of VAT. Obviously I have relevant insurance coverage in terms of Employer/Employee Liability, Public Liability and Professional Indemnity but with coverage limitation to £1M.
I hope that you like what I outline above and please take the opportunity to get in touch via the link below!

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