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Details of a selection of properties with lift projects, identifying the roles undertaken, that I have been associated with over the years are detailed below:

(January 2000 – To April 2021 – Consultancy Experience)
East India Dock (O&M LCS Ltd)
Term Consultancy duties in respect to 35 passenger lifts located across 3 buildings comprising of 5 sets of 5 car groups up to 11 floors. 10 fire-fighting lifts to manage the process through the major refurbishment project. Involvement in the refurbishment project in terms of tenant liaison when demonstrating the proposed scheme on behalf of the Client. Input in creating performance specification for tendering project and as part of decision team for contractor recommendation.
Kingston University (O&M LCS Ltd)
Planned Maintenance Programme (PMP) audit of 37 lifts across the University Campus sites leading to tendering a series of immediate H&S measures to improve the safety of the students, University’s In-house maintenance team and Lift Service provider’s engineers. Current project of retendering the maintenance contract on a bespoke O&M LCS ltd framework comprehensive maintenance agreement and incorporated a phased major refurbishment project on 18 of the installed lift systems.
Linden / Maple House, Bromley (O&M LCS Ltd)
Major refurbishment of 2 duplex pairs of passenger lifts. Project duties included, full survey and report, specifying, tendering, recommendation to client, oversight of the project including witness testing.
West One Shopping Centre (Focus FM)
Major refurbishment of 5 escalators within a Shopping Centre in the centre of Oxford Street London. Project Duties included; full survey and preparation of performance specification for tendering project, Tender analysis and contractor recommendation, project management and witnessed testing

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